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Talking Tock Week 7

This is the seventh post in a weekly series tracking the development of Tock, a safe multi-tasking operating system for microcontrollers.


The second revision of Imix board are back from the factory with a bunch of hardware fixes. We are working out some final hardware nits, writing drivers for the sensors (which are slightly different than the ones on the Firestorm) and working out the details with Stanford administration of how to distribute them. But everything is on track to be released by early November.

HIL Reviews

We made inroads on updates to the HIL traits.

NRF51 Port

The result of both of these changes is that the NRF51 can successfully run a base set of applications for on Tock.

Userland Changes

Interprocess communication (IPC)

We’ve begun prototyping an IPC system that would allow processes to expose driver-like functionality. @alevy has implemented a first version and described it on the mailing list. The IPC system leverages the same system calls as other drivers in the kernel, with some additional restrictions due to size and alignment requirements of the ARM MPU.