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Talking Tock 14

Hail release, TABs, timer bugs and hardware CRC.

This is the fourteenth post in a series tracking the development of Tock, a safe multi-tasking operating system for microcontrollers.

Hail released!

This week @bradjc, @brghena and @ppannuto released Hail: an open source IoT development board that supports Tock! Hail is designed to be a very low-friction way to get started using and creating Tock applications. Simply plug in the Hail module over USB and use the tockloader utility to load and run applications. Pre-order one today on our hardware page

Tock Application Bundles (TABs)

To support ease-of-use and distributable applications, @bradjc and @brghena introduced an application bundle format called “Tock Application Bundle”, or .tab files. A TAB is a standalone file for an application that can be flashed onto any board that supports Tock, and removes the need for the board to be specified when the application is compiled. A TAB has enough information to be flashed on many or all Tock compatible boards, and the correct binary is chosen when the application is flashed and not when it is compiled. You can read more about TABs in the documentation

Tock Pull Requests

There was a bunch of activity this week, and all of the new pull requests were merged. As a result, we’re straying from our typical two section format and just listing the great work people finished this week!