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Talking Tock 15

Cryptography, external libraries and document wrangling

This is the fifteenth post in a series tracking the development of Tock, a safe multi-tasking operating system for microcontrollers.

  1. IRC and Mailing List
  2. Hail Pre-sale
  3. Pull Requests

IRC and Mailing List

We’ve arranged with the organizers of RustFest for there to be a few Hails available to check out at RustFest at the end of April.

@JayKickliter chimed in on IRC (formerly at to ask some questions about porting Tock to a new chip and board in an external repository. It sounds like he’s working on a port to another Cortex-M0 with some exciting features. In the process, he’s been compiling a list of questions arising from the documentation, which we very much appreciate him sharing with us.

Hail Pre-sale

Presales for the Hail platform are ongoing but going fast. The current batch is in production and will ship in early May. There are still about 70 Hails remaining in this batch, so get them while their hot, lest you have to wait for the next one. We plan to start supporting other platforms soon, but if you’re interested in playing around with Tock in all it’s glory, Hail will still your best bet since it’s so feature packed. Pre-order one today on our hardware page

Pull Requests

Another successful week of merging all proposed pull requests. We’re not sure if it’s the slightly reduced volume of PRs or just procrastinating from writing papers, but either way it seems to be working!