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Talking Tock 22

RustConf tutorial preview and SITP retreat

This is the 22nd post in a series tracking the development of Tock, a safe multi-tasking operating system for microcontrollers.

  1. Tutorial @ RustConf
  2. Recap: Secure Internet of Things Project Retreat
  3. Pull Requests
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Tutorial @ RustConf

We’ll be running a Tock tutorial at RustConf 2017 in Portland on August 18th. We’re still hammering out the details, but at a high level, it will be similar to the SenSys tutorial in Delft with more focus on programming and using Tock specifically with Rust.

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Recap: Secure Internet of Things Project Retreat

Several of the Tock contributors attended a retreat for the Secure Internet of Things Project last week in sunny Santa Cruz. We got to share our work with colleagues from Stanford, UC Berkeley and University of Michigan as well as folks from Google (including friend of the project @domrizzo), Intel, Nest, Ford, ARM and others. Our own @alevy and @adkinsjd gave presentations about Tock (slides) and Signpost (slides), repsectively.

Is was great fun despite the incessant talk of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies now unavoidable within a 100 mile radius of San Francisco.

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