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Talking Tock 35

1.0, Rust userland, and New Supported Boards

This is the 35th post in a series tracking the development of Tock, a safe multi-tasking operating system for microcontrollers.

We’re presenting Tock at the Linux Foundation’s OpenIoT summit in Portland in March! Check out the event website for details and registration.

  1. 1.0 Kernel Released
  2. Rust Userland
  3. Pull Requests
    1. Merged
    2. Proposed

1.0 Kernel Released

We silently tag our first rolling release of the Tock kernel in February. If you’re building applications with Tock or porting to a new board, and want to be immune from updating your code everyday, you can work from that tag. We’ll also upload binary kernel images for the supported board sometime soon.

This first release includes ports to the nRF52 development kit and Hail and imix, based on the Atmel SAM4L. It also includes system call drivers that comply with the 1.0 system call ABI for process loading and:

Rust Userland

@torfmaster and @Woyten have been reviving the Rust userland library. It had gone stale due to changes in both Rust nightly as well as how processes are loaded by the Tock kernel. But they’ve done a herculean effort to port the library and get applications back up and working!

There is still some work left to be done to support things like global variables and, in particular, trait objects, but now that there are some users there is also reason to push on this.

Pull Requests

Bolded pull requests were marked “P-Significant”