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Tock Tutorial @ SenSys 2017

SenSys Tock Tutorial, Sunday, November 5th in Delft

The Tock operating system is a secure, embedded kernel for sensor network and Internet of Things systems using Cortex-M micro controllers. Written in the Rust language, it supports kernel extensions in Rust as well as multiple concurrent applications written in C, Rust, or Lua. This tutorial will give an introduction to programming in Tock as well as an overview of its architecture. Attendees will write a user-land networking application in C as well as a kernel extension in Rust. Attendees will be provided hardware kits, which they may optionally purchase as part of the registration fee.

You can register now through the SenSys registration page. During registration, select “Workshop or Tutorial”, then select “Tock Operating System Tutorial” from the drop-down menu titled “Which Workshop or Tutorial”.


The tutorial will be co-located with other tutorials and workshops at TU Delft Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at Jaffalaan 5.


Please bring a laptop to use during the tutorial and download the Tock VM1 in advance. If you prefer to develop natively, please finish the Tock Getting Started guide so that everything is downloaded in advance.

Schedule and Agenda

  1. The Tock VM has been deprecated. Please follow the guidelines in the Tock book for latest environment setup.