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An Open Source IoT Development Board for Tock

Hail is an open source IoT development board that supports Tock. It is designed to be a very low-friction way to get started using and creating Tock applications. Simply plug in the Hail module over USB and use the tockloader utility to load and run applications. Already have one? Head here for getting started instructions and to learn how to use your Hail.

In just 1.2 in² Hail packs a lot of features: a 48 MHz Cortex-M4 microcontroller, a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio, three sensors (temperature/humidity, light, and acceleration), an RGB LED, a push-button, and USB programming. It also matches the Particle Photon form-factor, so it can be mounted to a carrier board or breadboard with 0.1” headers or soldered directly on with the castellations.

Hail Development Module Breadboard

Tock Support

Hail is fully supported by Tock. This includes the Tock OS Book that makes it easy to get started with programming Tock applications.

Comparison to imix

Like imix, Hail is a prototyping board for IoT and Tock development. However, while imix gives you complete flexibility by fully pinning out internal and external signals, providing independent power domains, including multiple radios, and supporting Arduino shields, Hail focuses on making it easy to get started creating apps that use sensors and BLE communications. Its compact size makes it portable, and the headers mean it can be integrated as the controller and radio for other projects.

Features & Specifications

Hail Development Module Labeled